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Hawk House

A Community for the Members of MSL

4/14/05 08:34 am - goochtongues

wake up hawk house. ok question who in here is in highschool? and of those who plays a sport and what is your sports schedule. cause i want to come and watch/ show support.

3/2/05 03:32 pm - ness_uh

Hey guys is Vanessa!!! well I got a new LJ its :  Ness_uh 

Its friends only so just leave a comment on my page!! thanks... WOOT!!! MSL IS TIGHT!!! WOOT!!! :) I hope the pep-rally is fun!! lol.. even tho im not going to the dance.. its all straight!!

2/16/05 09:49 am - toreba_kun

hey everybody!! Its's the official MSL middle skool rep! So howzit goin? Derrr....

2/13/05 02:15 am - italianmami08

hey ya'll.....Ya'll kno snoball got changed and it's now on march 4th and it's not even called snoball n e more it's now turn-a-bout *so the girls ask the guys to go to the dance with them*. yea really bored right now........who else is geeked @ the fact the frau lustig is gone for TWO WEEKS!!!! But she still left some lame ass assignments for us. And i have her for THREE count em THREE claases and all of them are queer. 1st hour we have to look in the paper *everyday* find on article about europe and write how it affects germany.....3rd hour we're reading a dumb book and going over dativ and stuff like that.....finally 4th hour we're having our sub do chapter seven with us and he had no clue what he is doing.......herr kerst is his name. dude wouldn't let jamie straighten joshs hair in class...lol...he's totally anal....and dude has a mullet....it's cool though, he rocks the mullet.

2/12/05 03:12 am - goochtongues

i hate frau lustig, she goes on vacation with the kids from school amd we get about 110 questions and a seven page paper. while they get to write a journal. woopie! you suck.

2/1/05 04:00 pm - italianmami08

uh....hey ppl. my name is jordan mastrogiovanni(if you didn't kno already). I'm a freshman @ MSL, been there for 4 years so far. umm..i take german, the best effin language in da world. okay maybe not so much but still it's a pretty kickass language. Deutsch ist die beste!!!! lol.....ight well laterz.

1/31/05 09:09 pm - supermanincarn - Nostalgia

Hahaha. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw that there was an MSL LJ group. I dont go to MSL, but I used to. I went there and graduated middle school there in 1999-2000, I was part of the spanish program. I wonder how is the old school? Who are the teachers now a days...

1/31/05 03:56 pm - sinfulywicked

What happened to people writing in here? Lol

1/1/05 10:55 am - goochtongues

yeah im elliot for those of you who dont know. i am 17 speak german, and am a senior. im into rock music, and any music in general really, minus country.

12/31/04 02:57 am - ursomestup

hello ppl...im jessica..
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