Elyse? Elisheva? Not sure actually... (elyse_navidad) wrote in mslhawks,
Elyse? Elisheva? Not sure actually...

I have just decided to say Hello.

How has the school year been treating you so far?

What do you all think of the few um interesting additions to the MSL staff? *coughGaumondcough*

And the exchange students this year? I miss last years group(Specifically Mai, Rina, Akane, Hye Jung, Kyu, Thi Hai....)... but this group seems pretty groovy.

Senate has gone crazy this year(thank you administration for not letting us do ANYTHING).

I think we should have a Staff VS. Students Volleyball game this year. Any opinions? Opinions people! Just sound off!

Whats going on in other parts of the school with all of you this year?
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